Monday, 4 June 2012


It is now 12.48am and my bro is still on the lappie playing his zombie-killing game. When I was sec 3, I'd prolly have been nagged/shouted to death. The pains of a first-born i'll hafta accept. I still rmb creeping up at wee hours of the night just to view this stupid online tagboard thingie on some website cos I rly believed it was Edison Chen replying me omgzzz what a joke!

Anw counting down - 4 days to Batam~~ 2d1n only cheyyyy. Hahaha! But it also means seeing B after 11 whole days ^^

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Too free

Hihiiiii~ composing a blog post now to commerate my Too Free Days, before hell starts agn, be it entering the workforce or retaking pprs (CHOY! I will pass I will pass think positive)

At first it felt super awesome! Stayin home and just slacking woohoooo! Then slowly but surely guilt started trickling in......... So to make up for it I've been tryna help with some ironing, well, very minimal, but tryna keep it up! I actually enjoy ironing! (wish my mom's be happy and satisfied one day)

And omgosh the PRESSURE! It's crazy!!! I'm the sort to feel pressured even if no one is directly putting any pressure on me, and this thought of not being abt to get a well-paid job that enables me to support my family well and save up for my dream wedding AND that is in a friendly non-bitchy happy easy-going environment with good job advancement opportunities JUST.FREAKS.ME.OUT. I rly don't know how ahli does it. And everytime I read some knowledgable person's blog with super profound and complex thoughts structured with colourful cheem words, I die a little inside. So many other much more capable people out there in terms of IQ and interpersonal skills, etc. how am I to beat? Can't even imagine myself landing a job, a GOOD job. I don't wna be the worst lowest position in the office saigang warrior, I wna be the best that I can be.

Sigh sigh. Yes, that's how scary it is to be unemployed, can't even slack to my heart's content, 2 weeks in and I'm alr feeling all flustered I half wish I alr had a job and am earning a decent keep. No worries, just mundane routine office work daily, I kinda wldn't mind that now, in exchange for worry-free sleep!

All those haunting thoughts aside, I'm actually rly quite excited and enthusiastic abt starting work! Have my own desk which I can decorate, own computer, and opportunities to put what I have learnt to good use and to prove my worth! I hope to (I wna) be a useful good employee! Whoopedoo!

Resume writing and pro pic taking next week, let's go!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Today's sucha lucky day I've to blog abt it!!!!!!!!!!! Ok by the number of exclamation marks you can tell how lucky I was. Oh I shld totally buy 4D!

Incident #1. I was super tired and hungry and distracted in class (the entire day in fact, totally wasted my entire day doing nothing in sch) I decided to walk outta class and go buy seaweed chix to satisfy my craving and tumtum's hunger. BUT to my dismay, when I reached the stall no more seaweed chix there! THENNN when it was my turn, the auntie walked to the kitchen for a while (I was wondering why she had to stop serving right when it's my turn, likea suay) but TADAH!!! An entire trayful of hot crispy seaweed chix!!!!!!! Omg I was overjoyed, like I made the best decision in my life! I alr wanted to blog abt it even though it was this one incident. But......

Incident #2 happened! Which was when we ended class and qifang and I chionged 4 levels down the stairs to the bus stop and it was so damn packed we cld hardly squeeze our way to the front and we were thinking oh nooooooo howwww. When the bus STOPPED RIGHT IN FRONTA US YAYYYYYYY!!!! Hehehe we were the first to board hoho.

And lastly Incident #3. I'm on same bus as J hahahahahahehehehehohohohohooooooo.

And that, was my lucky day :)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Given up

Aww man ok I guess you can give up on me alr, cos I have also given up on myself hahaha. I hardly even tweet anm. Damn.

See you soon.

I hope.

You shld hope too.


PS. here's a cute pic of Mitch and me :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Don't give up on me just yet!

Haven't been back here for suuuuuper long. Reason being - it's the School Holidays. No, not my school holiday, but my bro's. He's on the com for prolly hmm, let me see... 24 hours a day, 7 times a week? Irritating. I've to ask him to Lend me the lappie to watch my Gossip Girl for an hour. Sigh.

With that said, the house has been kinda full and lively lately. With my dad at most of the time as well (think due to his night shifts this week), we've been having like family day everyday! Had Manhattan for lunch ytd wheee! Like how everyday feels like a weekend, UNLESS I have school, bummer.

Ah wells. And I have been sucha glutton! AND sloth! :( Want to eat unhealthy food but don't wna run. Now suffering the wrath of it all, growing tummy and larrrrrrrge arm size, kill meeeee :( Ok ok ok, STRICT diet starts tmr! Buttttt I'm supposed to have dinner with the Og at a steamboat place, I'm assuming buffet zzzzXXXZzZzzXxXXX bahhhhhhhhh.

And my shopping urge is on an all time high now after curbing it in for sooooo looooonggggg cos I wna save it for Bangkok, but BKK has been postponed (good news! The flood is receding!!! ^^) I want soooo many things like Konad nail stamping kit, new heels, FRINGE BAG, a decent wallet, a camera!!!, and CLOTHESSSS, TONNES OF THEM. But nay, too fat to look good in any right now D: And I made beebs not buy his game to save up for our future house and kids HAHAHAHAHA so yeah, I can't spend too, meh.

Here's our second son he's super cute!!!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Oct Birthdays

/I actually drafted this post quite a while back but I can't stand that the stupid Blogger app on my phone does not upload pictures in the order I want it to!!!

October is coming to an end soon! It has been a really busy month! You can never imagine! I think like every waking moment was spent planning/thinking/carrying out birthday plans. From the card, present shopping to cake and dinner plans. Oh gosh, need a breather. But don't get me wrong! It was v fun and friendship/relationship/kinship definitely grew and reached new heights :)

It started out with 5th -sister's. 7th - joyce's 9th - vic's (but she was in Aussie :( we celebrated it tgt 3 months ago though! Hehe) 11th - Bb's. 22nd - dad's and shun's. And it's Ling's turn to turn 21 on the coming 3rd! Yah, tell me abt it! I didn't miss out any right?

But I like birthdays :) cos it spells good food, yummy cake and birthday wishes ^^ happy happy! It's just v nice! Esp for the birthday boy/girl, you get to see all your friends and fam give you so much attention and go all just to make you smile. I can't wait for mine to come again (HINT HINT)

Ok pictures!

First attempt at rainbow cake!

Probably took like >5hrs

The ever-yummy Coco Exotic

Dad <3

Jaljals ^^

Friday, 28 October 2011

Life decisions

Was just in school with Lings making big plans for our coming months, hahaha or at least it's big to us lah! Decided on Monday gym sessions after sch, and Thur Fri after-sch study plans. I really really hope it works out! Second upper, here we comeeeee~
(sorry eh Lings, I realised it's only when you're with me that we/you keep missing class!! I'm bad influence :( )

It's scary, isn't it, that we only live life once and we only have this once to do it right. I'd have to say I'm not the do it once and get it right kinda person, I always need a few tries, be it in the office or when I'm tryna solve math sums in sch. One try just isn't enough.

My greatest regret in life to date wld probably be A's. I regret not being a more diligent student right from J1. It wld have made a helluva difference. I wld be in local u and doing internships and being sought after by Big Fours even before graduating! SIM has been super duper fun don't get me wrong, but yeah, this is abt my 纵深幸福 eh! I think my parents are also regretting up till today for not disciplining me more. This study thing isn't a joking matter, I learnt it the hard way.

But on the other hand, I think the best decision I've ever made in my life is............. REBONDING MY HAIR! Considered putting up a pic of my pre-bonded hair look, but nay, TOO DAMN UGGS I AM DYING NOW MY EYES BLEEDING!

Hehehe k buaizxz i am busygurl90 today horzxzx no disturbz prease!